Black Water Duluth » Lounge, Bar, Restaurant » Greysolon » Duluth, MN

Black Water Bar, Restaurant & Lounge at Greysolon

231 East Superior Street
Historic Greysolon Plaza Downtown
Duluth, Minnesota 55802

(218) 740-0436

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16 Responses to “Black Water Duluth » Lounge, Bar, Restaurant » Greysolon » Duluth, MN”
  1. Tom Jesperson says:

    Thank You for such a glowing review

  2. Lynnsey says:

    Black Water is nothing but an upscale aces. It all looks the same to me. Nice try though, new bar, new place, same faces. I was looking forward to something different; but afterall this is Duluth!

  3. andy vidovic says:

    simply wow…

    great menu the best service hands down and the sexiest bar in town. kobe sliders are my favorite rite next to the sushi. sushi was fresh and rolled spot on. i dont know what the critic smoked for breakfast. great drinks although im a beer man my honey loved the bloddy marys. best shes ever had. bring you friends and family try it out you wont be disapionted. im glad to see some one had the balls to go out on a limb and try something new in the face of adversity.

  4. Andrew Olson says:

    Great food, great atmosphere. I got a chance to speak with Julie, and she showed me up to the ballroom which is just marvelous. I am interested in speaking more with someone who could negotiate prices on using the ballroom as a venue. Great potential rests in this place; although the target market is 30+, It could appeal to the college crowd as an outlet for a more sophisticated drinking environment as opposed to Grandma’s, Dublins, The Reef, Twins; the typical college bars.

  5. admin says:

    FYI: contrary to popular belief modern “Kobe Beef” is not fed beer, nor is it from Japan, nor is it massaged in any way. Kobe (at least in the West) has simply come to denote lineage and fatty characteristics found mostly in loin cuts.

    Kobe is a menu/marketing buzz word right now. Actually, many top Chefs were beyond Kobe years ago and have even been through their Wagyu (even higher quality than Kobe) phase only to return to peasant cuts of more interesting animals. Also, much of the Kobe sold in America is raised in Wyoming. Thus, 99% of the time, the Kobe you are eating is nowhere near the best beef in the world, especially when it’s Butcher’s Block brand from Sysco- America’s largest foodservice distributor (which this probably is).

    Not that modern “Kobe” isn’t great beef, it just isn’t all that it used to be. To be honest, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s Kobe or not when ground for burger. A cow’s rear is a cow’s rear and a cow’s rear is lean and tough. You could just as easily substitute angus and add a touch more fat to the grind (better yet, bacon or foie scrap). Unless you’re eating a loin cut it’s a bit pointless other than to serve as interesting dinner conversation. Just a little nugget for those who were wondering :)

  6. Adam says:

    Their new “no hats” policy seems to have irritated an impressive amount of people.

  7. farmer says:

    Not even a fedora?

  8. admin says:

    Odd. Any more thoughts on the grub? Haven’t been there since opening week.

  9. Elaine says:

    What a welcome addition. I’m from New Orleans and Blackwater has the class of any “big” city, upscale bar. Beautiful place and beautiful people. Not your “typical” Duluth nightclub and no comparison to Aces.

  10. admin says:

    What makes the people so beautiful? “Beautiful people” are usually a little scary, but that’s not my scene :)

  11. Adam says:

    Not even a gentlemen’s driving cap.

  12. topofthehillman says:

    Farmer, anyone who wears a fedora would have the good sense not to wear it inside. Its nice to have a place in town with a dress code. What isn’t nice, however, are the prices! My date & I ordered the crab cakes and an order only consist of TWO? for $11.00? And the main ingredent wasn’t crab it was breadcrumbs! Also, cocktails here are more expensive than the local contry club….? Oh! and admin, thanks for setting the world (at least Duluth) straight about Kobe beef.

  13. admin says:

    TRANSISTOR’s Slim Goodbuzz is Gettin’ Ripped at Black Water Lounge. Read the review over at TRANSISTORMAG.COM »

  14. JO ANNE/WALT says:

    We agree that the Blackwater was long past due in coming but more than well worth waiting for. The atmosphere is second to none and, yes, does have the feeling of an upscale Mpls, NYC place anytime. The food is also excellent and reasonably priced as are the drinks. The drinks are the same price as any other lounge in Duluth that considers itself a little more upscale. We are constantly amazed at the proficiency of the staff, their total friendliness..what a training program they must have been through although it’s obvious you had great people and personalities to train. EVERY EMPLOYEE WE HAVE MET (AND I THINK WE HAVE MET ALL OF THEM) ARE PREMIUM PEOPLE AND EMPLOYEES. WHAT A TRIBUTE TO AN ORGANIZATION THAT WANTS THE VERY BEST. It’s so nice to finally have a place to go since the Flame, Highland, Mr. Pete’s, etc., are gone. The dress code thing is about time. I would answer Mr. Andrew Olson’s comment about the Blackwater appealing to the college crowd as an OUTLET FOR A MORE SOPHISTICATED DRINKING ENVIRONMENT. He then lists several bars where the college crowd “hangs out”. Don’t you think it’s about time there was an upscale place for people over 30 who don’t want to “take over”; they just want to go to a nicer place then the typical college bars. Good grief, there are so many bars in this town for anyone and everyone to go to.. can’t there be just ONE NICER PLACE for those to want to enjoy the atmosphere and people rather than just “hang out”? MANY KUDOS TO THE MANAGEMENT FOR PROVIDING DULUTH WITH A PLACE WE CAN BE PROUD OF rather than just another “hang out” bar. Thanks again to the management and employees for a stellar job. We enjoy young people so much and the younger crowd at the Blackwater have been wonderful and are very mature. They have told us they also think it’s about time Duluth had a great place to bring their folks and other visitors. Your entire staff is so proud of your establishment and it certainly shows. Thanks again. Jo and Walt.

  15. Nephew Dan says:

    Was recently visiting Duluth from Milwaukee and was impressed to see a nice, upscale drinking establishment in the area. Last time I came up it was a weekend at the Red Star which was great for that experience, quite a contrast, but one that I felt was needed. Plenty of college level pubs and brew houses to go around and this was a great change of pace.

    One thing lacking, IMHO, and confirmed after having spoken at length with some of Duluth’s most sophisticate and learned young ladies, is that a dance floor of some sort would be a welcome addition. Best of luck to the owners Black Water…hope to visit again soon!

  16. Doug Dalager says:

    My wife and I enjoy the atmosphere, the entertainment, the employees, and the food and beverage offerings of Black Water very much. Highly recommended. It is refreshing to know that you can expect the clientele to be dressed nicely and well mannered. There is nothing snooty or high-browed about the place, and the staff are all exceedingly nice, pleasant and service minded. The prices are NOT over the top for what they are offering (try going out in downtown Minneapolis by comparison), and Black Water is steadily finding and expanding its clientele base. BTW, as a former Mr. Pete’s employee, thank you to Jo & Walt for including that bar in your list of past favorites!

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