Knife Skills by James Norton in MPLS » Part 3

I’ve been busy trying to pay the bills and haven’t had much time to follow J.R. or his blog The Heavy Table lately (based in “the cities”) . Curious about his latest work I stumbled upon a series he’s doing called Knife Skills and was pleasantly surprised as always.

There isn’t much food writing that excites me anymore- with the exception of Bourdain. As annoyingly popular as he his, the man at least remains relatively honest. His anecdotes from the kitchen glory days are the only thing that delivers raw emotion for a guy who’s been through the culinary gauntlet. The “scene” has felt stagnant lately- counterfeit, commercial, bobby flay… blah. At least until I read James’ latest work.

James! This piece is amazing. It nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes ;) and certainly brought laughter. It is so good to see someone writing honestly about the biz locally. You do so as if you’ve worked in the kitchen for years. This is serious work and I look forward to reading much, much more of it.

Find J.R. Norton’s series “knife Skills” here »

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