Doug Dalager Takes The Shack Smoke Free

140x70-the-shackWisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed a proclamation at The Shack declaring that establishment a safe and healthy smoke-free workplace and clean air zone for its employees and customers on Friday, July 10th.

The Shack’s owner Doug Dalager has decided to go smoke-free one entire year before the state-wide smoke-free law goes into effect. Dalager, owner of The Shack for the past four years, has chosen to take a leadership role on the issue of clean air and hospitality. “I am elated that Wisconsin is finally going smoke-free, but rather than wait for an entire year for the law to take effect, I am moving ahead on my own,” said Dalager. “I saw the positive effect that Minnesota’s smoke-free law has had on restaurants and bars in Duluth, and came to recognize this was a good business decision. I also want to protect my employees from secondhand smoke and provide my customers a clean and healthy environment in which to dine.”

SmokeFree Wisconsin, other health organizations and Governor Doyle applaud the decision to go smoke-free for public health. Also attending the event were local elected officials, Senator Bob Jauch and Representative Nick Milroy, who were co-sponsors of the statewide smoke-free law. “I am proud to sign the smoke-free proclamation at The Shack,” said Governor Jim Doyle. “This is a long-established community resource that has chosen to be ahead of the curve on smoke-free air. I applaud their effort to protect the health of their employees and customers.”

Wisconsin’s smoke-free air law was signed by Doyle on May 18, 2009. The law will go into effect statewide for all workplaces, including restaurants and taverns on July 5, 2010. The Shack however has elected to go smoke-free on July 10, 2009, one year before the law takes effect.

The Shack will also host a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society on Monday, July 20th featuring the Big Time Jazz Orchestra. For more information regarding this “good time for a good cause”, call (218) 529-7627, ext. 15.

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