Nokomis Chef’s Garden

By Nokomis

This year is the first year we have attempted a Chef’s Garden. We have 3 raised beds and are growing an assortment of herbs, edible flowers, different radishes, some squash for blossoms as well as the vegetable, and (if it ever gets warm enough) French green beans.

We have two excellent volunteer gardeners, Cherie Pettersen and Daphne Steele. Our thanks to them for all the weekly tending.

We are learning a little too. Next year we will probably do a greater quantity of fewer items, either that or expand the garden space.

Our current dilemma is whether or not to fence the gardens. We love the way they look from the dining room without a fence, but we are worried about feeding the rabbits and deer before we can feed our diners.

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One Response to “Nokomis Chef’s Garden”
  1. TastyTom says:

    You could set a few aesthetically pleasing fence posts around the beds and use livestock wire fence panels that would still allow a good view of the inside. Ask at Dan’s Feed Bin, Superior.

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