Au revoir, bon appetit to Bob Bennett Thursday and Friday

Duluth foodies are abuzz at the news that noted chef Bob Bennett will be leaving Restaurant 301, which he created for the Sheraton Duluth hotel.

According to local media reports, he will be leaving to build a new kitchen at the Arrowhead Country Club in Rapid City, S.D., which is being extensively remodeled.

Here’s the text of the news release from the Sheraton that mentions some good-bye events tommorrow and Thursday:

The past 17 years Chef Bennett has brought an awarded level of
cuisine to our community through his own restaurants and lastly
through the Sheraton Duluth Hotel. Please join us as we wish Chef
Bennett all the best and thank him for his dedication
to our community.
Farwell Executive Chef Bob Bennett
Wednesday, September 23rd or Thursday, September 24th
At the Sheraton Duluth Hotel

Along with others who have followed Bob Bennett from Superior Street to Fitger’s to the Sheraton, we wish Bob well. Come on out and show your love Wednesday and Thursday!

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