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Nothing makes me more angry than when I’m doing a tasting at a liquor store and politely ask passersby if they’d like to try a sample and they laugh and reply “I don’t like wine.” What?!? What do you mean you don’t like wine? That’s like saying you don’t like food!

What those passersby mean to say is “I’ve only tried wine once and didn’t like it so I’m never going to try it again.” There are thousands of varietals, which are grown in different soils, blended differently and aged differently. Wine can be very sweet or very dry. It can be big and bold or meek and mild; red or white, or any shade in-between; sparkling or still. There are many options, people!

For those of you who prefer Coors over Chardonnay, or Miller over Merlot – here are some “beer friendly wines” for your next culinary adventure. For the sophisticated wine drinkers – these wines make great spring and summer wines! They are crowd-pleasers for summer BBQs and other casual fare.

Mamertino is not well known, but it has a very famous history. Mamertino is the wine Julius Caesar commissioned to be made when he was elected Counsel of Rome. It is a blend of two grapes; Biancale and Trebbiano. These two grapes make a slightly sweet white wine with a touch of effervescence. Ask for LoDuca Mamertino at your local liquor store.


Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde is a style of vine from Portugal. It is made to be drunk very young. It has a very youthful fruitiness. Vinho Verdes are almost clear in color. They have a slight effervescence which adds to its crisp citrus flavor. It is simple yet energizing wine that appeals to a wide audience. In my opinion there are two Vinho Verdes that stand above the others; Twin Vines and Gazela. Twin Vines seems to have a fuller, rounder flavor while Gazela is a bit more sharp and crisp. Find both wines at your local liquor store.

Twin Vines Vinho Verde is made by José Maria da Fonseca. It is a refreshing white wine from the Vinho Verde DOC in northwest Portugal. It celebrates the May 2007 birth of twin daughters to António Maria Soares Franco and his wife. José Maria da Fonseca is one of the most prestigious wineries in Portugal The Soares Franco family, owners of José Maria da Fonseca, have been involved in the wine business for over 160 years.

Gazela is a soft, light and refreshing Vinho Verde. It is an uncompromising wine, a renewed classic that confirms the entire region’s potential to create light and energizing wines, ideal for everyday drinking. One of the most imported wines into the US today. Be sure to stop by Beaner’s for a glass of Gazela!

Happy Spring!

~ Brenda

Wine 2.0

Welcome to “Bin 218” Duluth’s local wine blog. Feel free to ask any questions! I’d love to hear what you want to know!

Millennials – Also called Echo Boomers, at close to 80 million strong we rival the numbers of the Baby Boomer generation. We’ve grown up with the world literally at our fingertips. We don’t only embrace technology; we expect it to be part of our daily lives. On a daily basis I use; Skype, Facebook, UofM mail, Aol mail, Outlook, Myspace, and now DuluthDish. I use all of these for business and also to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Not only do we have the world at our finger tips, but college students from our generation are studying abroad in record numbers. Many colleges are even making study abroad a requirement. Millennials are more world traveled and more diverse than any previous generation. Millennials are bringing European culture and love of wine back to America. This is great news for the wine industry! As shown in the image, Millennials are consuming more wine than any previous generation. It makes perfect sense that we are going to combine our use of the internet with what we love.


Welcoming Brenda Schwerdt & Her “Bin 218″ Wine Blog

brenda-schwerdtHi everyone, please join us in welcoming Brenda Schwerdt, our very own in-house wine expert. I’m extremely excited to have her personality and expertise on the web site. Her work will be a nice compliment to Celeste’s great recipes. She’s extremely qualified with a Bachelor’s in food science from the University of Minnesota. She also has a unique perspective on wine and intimate knowledge as a Rep for one of the largest distributors in Minnesota.

Not only will Brenda offer great advice on wines from around the world, but she will diligently keep us up to date on where those wines can be tasted in the Duluth area- at restaurants and on the shelf. Best of all, we’ll get information about how and where to find great deals. Read more about Brenda here »

-Chef Nelly Boy

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